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Video-Installation for Nation of Gondwana 2018


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The video evokes the pain of the breakup. 'Von Feuer zu Wasser' ('from fire to water') is a farewell's metaphor, the passage of the pain of abandonment (hell / fire) to the acceptance of separation (flow of life / water).


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Joint work with Gaël Guyon.


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Coming from her previous works, now, 'Troublée' talks about contradictions in an intimate emotional experience. This video uses out-of-focus and saturated images as a metaphor of mental disturbance. The outside world vision is distorted and muddled up with the internal emotion.


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'Desencuentros' (a kind of misunderstanding), is the first joint work made between Anton and Carmen Arrabal, whose both works explore the human body depiction. Shooted in the XIII neighborhood’s old cold-stores of Paris, produced and directed between them, ‘Desencuentros’ acts as a solitude metaphor, carried out between two characters walking alone in the same place and never finding each other.
The video –showed in two besided flat screens–, is a bi-channel synchronized DVD, played in loop.


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The series 'Emotions' is made up of videos and of photographs produced in 2006-07: 'Engloutie' ('Devoured'), 'In-communication', 'Mer de larmes' ('Sea of Tears') and 'Divino Tormento' ('Divine torment' ).

The videos
conjure up the complexities of emotions on the virtual plane. They convey the isolation, the loneliness, the longing for physical and emotional contact as body and psychological experiences confronted with the emotional imaginary worlds that proliferate in cyber culture.

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Penelope psychowas made in July 2006 during a summer workshop organized by MASBEDO, the Italian video artists, and produced by INICIARTE (Consejeria de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucia).

‘Penelope psycho’ explores the conflicts of the feminine Self.
Two representations are put into contrast with the help of a distorted contemporary metaphor of the myth of Penelope: the one who 'weaves', or the old passive ideal of the one who waits forever, and the one who 'undoes' and is governed by her urges. It is a struggle with ‘the other’ within the context of a schizophrenic attempt to live out this duality.


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‘Bien dans ma peau’ deals with the stereotypes of feminine representation in advertising and with its influence on the relationship of women with their bodies.
The film is made up of still shots (photographs of advertising images taken on public spaces), of short video sequences from TV ads and other scenes shot by the artist. The video is put together from multiple suites that follow the same outline: 10 photographs that represent the feminine ideal promoted by society and advertising, 2 photographs of messages concerning the body and a sequence (black & white tinged with rose) that refers to the suffering of women obsessed with living up to established aesthetic values.
A series of nearly 300 photographs, taken in 2005, conveys the idea of the social dimension of this representation of the feminine body as dictated by the system.


la femme-produit.
the woman-product.

DVD, colour, stereo, 6’34’’
Photos and video sequences: Carmen Arrabal
Music: LZD
Direction and Editing : Carmen Arrabal, Paris 2004

The story of ‘Street Women’ is built around the accumulation of the advertising panels that invade our daily environment.
Following the same process of multiplication and repetition used in the preceding videos, the images modify our perception of this familiar landscape by revealing to us an omnipresent totalitarian system that produces identity values and questions the status of women in the City.


DVD, colour, stereo, 7’17''
Photos: Carmen Arrabal with the participation of Isabelle Garbo
Music: LZD
Direction and Editing : Carmen Arrabal, Paris 2004

The multiplicity/unity binomial is used to build up a chaotic choreography of intrusive consumer items.
Beckoned by the images, messages, colours and infinite variations dictated by the market, our senses become overloaded or even blasé about the extent of the invasion.
Both public space and the private domain are the setting for this outflow.
This mutant diversity, the symbol of evolution, paradoxically reveals the angst of the individual: the infinity of products surrounding us also cause a certain dissolution of identity…
The video comprises a hundred-odd images of various products: food, cosmetics, medicine, construction, electric appliances, computers…


DVD, colour, stereo, 6’12''
Photos: Carmen Arrabal with the participation of Isabelle Garbo (rubbish photos), Sylvie Colin (cake photos) and Claire Mineur (Tokyo photos)
Music: LZD
Direction and Editing : Carmen Arrabal, Paris 2004

The video comprises ten sequences. Each sequence contains 11 fixed images of consumer items shown at a speed of one image per second. At the end of each cycle the images run backwards reduced in two times. In the last sequence the photos are shown relating to each other, in a paradoxical dialogue.
The driving thread of the images: multiplicity/unity by means of consumer items.
Their common point: to represent an ordinary product multiplied en masse.


DVD, colour, stereo, 6’51''
Photos: Carmen Arrabal with the participation of Isabelle Garbo (model photos) and Pino Arrabal (‘penitent’ photo)
Music: LZD
Direction and Editing : Carmen Arrabal, Paris 2004

Subtitled ‘the body-product’, MULTITUDE #3 solely comprises various representations of the body and the products dedicated to it.



AVI, couleur, stereo, 4’
Photos : Carmen Arrabal
Mutant character : Isabelle Garbo
Music : LZD
Direction and Editing : Carmen Arrabal, Paris 2002

From order to chaos, this role play orchestrated by the mutant forms of the paintings continually evolves, punctuated by photos representing the confused and frantic multiple identities of a single individual, this time a human mutant.
Isabelle Garbo: a truly mutant individual. No-one knows “her” real identity – she enthusiastically plays the multiplicity game: Garbo, Roberta, Nikita Nippone… and other X identities, muse and protagonist of a short story about the expression of ambient schizophrenia.
The short soundtrack loop composed by LZD augments the obsessive nature of the animation, causing a certain feeling of anxiety