DVD, colour, 3’36’’ loop
Direction and Editing : Carmen Arrabal
Thanks to : Iniciarte, Masbedo, Marta Vega, Marisa Mancilla and Héctor Bermejo
Málaga, 2006

1 LCD flat screen
1 DVD player
A five-metre wool scarf
2 knitting needles
A ball of wool.

Simulation of the video-installation

Penelope psychowas made in July 2006 during a summer workshop organized by MASBEDO, the Italian video artists, and produced by INICIARTE (Consejeria de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucia).

‘Penelope psycho’ explores the conflicts of the feminine Self.
Two representations are put into contrast with the help of a distorted contemporary metaphor of the myth of Penelope: the one who 'weaves', or the old passive ideal of the one who waits forever, and the one who 'undoes' and is governed by her urges. It is a struggle with ‘the other’ within the context of a schizophrenic attempt to live out this duality.


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