Lambda print

"Multitude" is a proposition in three parts.
It includes photographs, videos and a web database.

I took live photos of merchandise in our daily environment: in supermarkets, shops, on the streets of Madrid, Malaga, San Sebastian, Zaragoza, Paris and Venice. There is no production on my part at the moment the scene is snapped.

The products repetitively put out en masse, outside their usual context, are propagated like so many clones – consumer objects ad infinitum.
In this environment overloaded with images, some associations lead to reflection about contemporary global culture and the numerous social codes that govern it.

My approach to photography is not that of a photograph. I use photos to support images created on the computer. Confronted and multiplied, they dialogue by connecting ideas.

I multiply and associate them with the specific goal of provoking two simultaneous readings: first of all, from afar, by means of artistic and chromatic investigation, the works evoke tapestries, shimmering fabric with complex motifs; second, on approach, their images are discovered along with their critical and often ironic message.

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