Subversive toys’
light boxes
(work in progress)

Are the toys playful?
No doubt, but so reductive. Although their main function is to have fun, they also represent the normalized world, the order of things, the established order. The toy is also a tool to learn codes and uses. Conformist, it comforts us reproducing the values of society. Through it the social construction is perfected, it is an essential bridge between the world of childhood and adulthood.
In 'Subversive toys', Carmen Arrabal make us the switch using the toys to counteruse. And in fact they rebel, neither God nor master! Only uninhibited, sexed and and transgressive creatures that are pleased to throw us in the face of what they aspire to: just does whatever the fuck they wants to...
Yoann Kaplan

The light boxes, unify the different media in which the artist was already working (painting, photography, video ...). Made in wood, from old frames, toys, objects and recycled materials found in the flea markets or on the street. Carmen Arrabal composes various playful, transgressive and surrealist universes that revisit her previous themes.