"Souvenirs volés" ( Stolen memories) is built from anonymous images appropriated by the artist to create an artificial, borrowed memory.

Most of the photographs were recovered in Berlin. There are hundreds of photographs from family albums, carefully selected by the artist. The process isn’t archival. It is rather a display of moments from life, private and mundane moments that take us back to other time, reflecting on own questions about memory and death.

Carmen Arrabal manipulates photographs by replacing the original faces with those of modern-day figures, all while keeping the original scene intact.

Poem accompanying the installation: Yoann Kaplan
5 editions + 1 e.a.
Fine Arts Paper. Portfolio Rag 300g

«… In a photograph, we can fix our attention on a person’s face with an intensity and intimacy normally reserved for moments of extreme emotion—like a first glimpse of someone we might spend the night with, or a final look at a loved one… »
Adam Gropnik . "The Art world : Lost and Found", The New Yorker, February 20, 1989.


Download the presentation in pdf (french)

Souvenirs Volés - Carmen Arrabal
From november 15th, 2012 to January 2nd, 2013
Galerie Lina Davidov
210 Bd Saint-Germain
75007 Paris


http://www.espanol.rfi.fr/cultura/20121123-carmen-arrabal-recuerdos-robados (Spanish)