Lamdba print

La herida (The wound) is a ten photographs serie, related to the previous work Emotions.

The latest video of this one, Incontinence, is about pain and sorrow, which are represented through an open wound. This is the linking thread of the two series.

As in the preceeding works, life experience merges into universal emotions images. La herida is a photographic project that research on pain (in many senses). In pain are mixed mental images, symbolic constructions almost reaching mysticism, passion, the loss, death, body and soul. The title of the project plays with a double sense since, in spanish, a wound (herida) means ulcer and the feminine form of injured at the same time. (In english there is no genders in adjectives and there is no only a word for the subject and the object of pain, as it happens in spanish).

The iconographic elements put togheter on the body images, are part of the spanish Easter ritual, float’s flowers (in Holy Week processions), candles, ‘mantillas’ (a traditional female spanish clothe), etc. These mystic symbolisms has been photographed by Carmen Arrabal in Seville (Spain).
This project was supported by Iniciarte and Andalusia Government.